Escorts: How They Please

Female escorts have been the number one choice for single or lonely men looking to have some fun for hundreds of years. Female escorts of, unlike prostitutes, are trained to handle their clients and give them the best time and maximum pleasure. So how do they achieve this? Let’s have a look.


Appearance matters. In fact, it matters most of all since most escorts will be chosen on their looks alone. This is why female escorts dress to impress. When you book an appointment with one, she will most likely show up dressed in the finest clothes she has. She will also be wearing sexy lingerie to fire up your libido. She may even bring an outfit for lounging around in once your “activities” are through for the night. It all depends of what you have asked for, as the client.


Makeup plays an important role in both making the man relaxed and immediately making him desire the escort. She will smoothen her face, and apply sexy eye shadows around her eyes to look gorgeous just for you. A red lipstick always works for men. Perfumes are also key in making a client remember an escort for a long time. A hot looking escort with nicely done makeup will make any man ready to have some delicious fun.


Seduction is an art and not all women can do it. However, escorts have been taught how to seduce their clients and make them beg for more. Before an escort gets naked, she will first sit up straight and raise her chin to look you straight into the eye. This makes her look confident about her body. She also uses gentle, light touches on your arm, shoulders and tug at your hair.

Seduction also includes talking to each other about sexual fantasies. They include fantasies she intends to engage in or secretes desires. This type of intimacy will enhance your experience and ramp up the escorts sex drive.

The appeal to the client’s erogenous zones is always the final blow. This gets clients yearning for more. These are areas that respond sexually when touched, kissed, licked, etc. If you touch them back, they respond sexually and encourage you to keep doing it.

Escorts have been helping both men and women relax and have some erotic fun for a very long time. If you’re looking for a night of erotic pleasure, an escort is the way to go.